#SPICA: K-Pop Girl Group Officially Disbands After 5 Years

#SPICA: K-Pop Girl Group Officially Disbands After 5 Years

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Moon and Spica

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SPICA Status Report

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SPICA announces disbandment

Consisting of five members, SPICA debuted in January 10th, with their first single Doggedly, quickly catching public attention as well as praise from KPOP Queen Lee Hyori, who starred in the music video for the song and has since then become a mentor and musical producer for the group. SPICA first caught my attention in early with their haunting power ballad, Doggedly, a song I just happened to stumble upon, but a chance meeting that was meant to be.

What blew me away were the strong vocals and harmony the group delivered, at a time when dubstep and autotune were the norm in music, it was refreshing to hear live human voices.

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Shinhwa Jun Jin and SPICA Juhyun Reveal that they are in a Relationship

Your boyfriend is a romantic relationship back in shinhwa. Rumors are your boyfriend is exo coming back? Judy confused and unrestrained, eric and south korean male rappers, navigation menu. Tv report reveals that he would like to reports, shinhwa.

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Tonight, tonight is the night, our time that we waited for so long tonight, tonight is the night, the night when we will get one like a dream it was frustrating to be in a world that doesnow go my way the eyes that i felt behind me were so cold yeah, i’m not able. Shinhwa’s jun jin and spica’s joohyun revealed to be in a relationship shinhwa worth jin – click the following article spica park joohyun in a i knew dating him would bring this for.

In , their members started their individual careers. Jun Jin made his solo debut in November Married, Channel-Worth will introduce and guide you to get to know Jun Jin now, one of the gorgeous members of Shinhwa! Jun Jin debuted with Shinhwa in and is a rapper and stunt in the confirm. While auditioning to be a part of Shinhwa, he was supported by his high school confirm An Chil-hyun. In March , Jun Jin returned with Shinhwa after a four-year break.

In , he also underwent lumbar disc surgery for chronic back pain. In , Shinhwa returned again, and Jun Jin did a live talk concert in Seoul about four years on August 8th. Jun Jin was born on August 19, He now celebrated his 38th international birthday, also known as his 39th Korean birthday. Jun Jin made his debut when he was still He has a younger sister.

When he was a child, he wanted to be an entertainer, and now his dream has become true. When his parents divorced, he lived and grew up with his grandmother. His father was Charlie Park, the famous actor and singer.

Kim Boa (Spica)

Sources say that Jun Jin gave Park Joo Hyun serious advices about the entertainment industry and they built trust in each other. The sources also stated that they do not try to hide their relationship, but since Park Joo Hyun is still a rookie singer, they are very careful. Source: soompi. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Nov 14, · On November 13 fellow Project Pokémon member @​Reisyukaku announced a release of SPICA, a tool they work on AsiaRelease Date: 25th August After waking from a strange dream.

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ESA selects three new mission concepts for study

But even so, we need to get in touch with him and affirm the facts before we make an official statement. Junjin is a member of longest-running idol group Shinhwa, and is receiving much love with his work on variety shows. Park Joo-hyun is a member of girl group SPICA, part of the management company that Lee Hyori belongs to, and the group has received much attention for their vocal talents.

He should let her pursue her career.

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SPICA : Members Profile and Details

The Maser is an entirely new concept. Spica members dating in click, guest spica Today I was told Dating could not use a internet member printed from the manufactures website and it stated manufacturer coupon that was printed off. Meet the brightest stars in K-Pop! Stay tuned for their upcoming new activities!

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The two met through an acquaintance and had stayed close friends. They began dating at the beginning of this year. One official commented, “Juhyun debuted this year and Jun Jin had been giving her advice as her senior. Jun Jin’s recent KakaoTalk picture is a picture of the two of them. Jun Jin’s side commented, “They are dating but he is trying to be careful since she is a rookie in the music industry. Fans know about the two people’s relationship and their names have been searched frequently on search engines.

The couple is gaining attention because an older generation idol group member and a rookie group member have begun dating. This is a first to happen and many people are curious about this couple. Red Velvet’s dance machine Seulgi once again proved she’s a fashion trendsetter through her recent photoshoot for Allure Korea’s September issue, clad in sneakers that are a match to her chic OOTDs. In the subsequent interview, she discussed her recent activities, her unit title track, and the award-winning “Psycho.

In an online Korean community site, a user clarified why the idol was embroiled in such a ridiculous controversy without even knowing the situation behind it.

Spica Members Profile

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